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Foam Razor-back (1923)

Foam Razor-back (1923) by Ernest Thompson Seton A collection of three short stories about animals and their relationship with humans.

Foam, or the Life and Adventures of a Razor-back Hog. Foam is an intelligent and courageous razor-back hog who ends up having a loving, human family for a while, when his mother and siblings are killed by a black bear. But, as he grows older, nature calls, and he must return to the wild, where the black bear still hunt for pigs.

Coaly-bay, the Outlaw Horse. Coaly-bay is a magnificent horse, strong and fast, caught out in the wild. There is only one problem: he is smart, and he has no intention of being man's obedient slave. Ever! So, can he escape before he is either killed or broken down?

Way-atcha, the Coon-Raccoon of Kilder Creek. The curious and adventurous raccoon Way-atcha is caught in a trap while out exploring the world. He ends up being adapted by a human family who loves him, but having a curious, and not very well behaved, raccoon as a pet can be a bit of a challenge.

Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
Publication year: 2019 (1st edition: 1923)
ISBN: 978-87-93797-75-8 (pdf)
978-87-93797-76-5 (ePub)
Number of pages: 82
Price: $ 1.00

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