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Radio News (1923-1924) by Ellis Parker Butler In the period 1923 to 1924 Ellis Parker Butler provided 16 short stories for the magazine Radio News. A humorous look at the new technology and some of the peculiar challenges, here collected and presented in one volume.

Mr. Murchison’s Radio Party
(Radio News, January 1923)
Mr. and Mrs. Brownlee Hold Hands
(Radio News, February 1923)
Mr. Bimberry Hears the Banquet
(Radio News, March 1923)
Mr. Brownlee’s Loudtalker
(Radio News, April 1923)
Mr. Bink’s Radio
(Radio News, May 1923)
Mr. Filbert Tunes In
(Radio News, June 1923)
Casey’s High-Voltage Cat
(Radio News, July 1923)
Hetterby’s Set
(Radio News, August 1923)
The McNoodle Brothers’ Radio Mystery
(Radio News, September 1923)
The Celebrated Pilkey Radio Case
(Radio News, October 1923)
The Great Radio Message from Mars
(Radio News, November 1923)
Solander’s Radio Tomb
(Radio News, December 1923)
The Sad Story of AZZ
(Radio News, March 1924)
The Golden Rabbit
(Radio News, April 1924)
Too much Wave
(Radio News, June 1924)
Regulate or Bust!
(Radio News, September 1924)

Author: Ellis Parker Butler
Publication year: 2023 (1st edition: 1923-1924)
ISBN: 978-87-94278-63-8 (pdf)
978-87-94278-64-5 (ePub)
Number of pages: 135

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