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About Pilgaard Publishing

What is this?

Pilgaard Publishing is a small independent publishing house, where I can have a bit of fun publishing a few books. Obviously it would be nice to make a profit on the project, but for starters it is just a matter of getting some old Danish and English literature back in circulation without costing me too much money. Besides the old literature getting back in circulation, I also have a number of novels and short stories that I would like to see in Danish and quite a few Danish stories I would like to have translated to English and out for the World to read.

I have a lot of plans, and it would't be bad if it made me rich... the chances for that though, are slim to none. For starters I just want the project safely up an running.

A bit of history

Back in 2010 I accidentally came across a pile of interesting books on sale in an antique bookstore. I had already done a bit of work on digitalization of books on the site WeirdSpace.dk, but this became the starting point for a structured and focused scanning and digitalization of Danish literature, in order to get some of these old cultural treasures back in circulation.

In 2012 I moved the digital texts to a separate site called WeirdSpace Digital Library (WeirdSpace.info), and an idea about a publishing house started forming. If I should do something like that, if would be something I started after retirement, i.e. sometimes after 2035. It is safe to say that that happened a bit earlier.

As the digitalization progressed, I started thinking about doing the texts as eBooks, that people could download for the various readers. To do this right, you need to be registered as a publushing house and have ISBN numbers on the books. Okay, so in 2013 WeirdSpace Digital Library was registered as a publishing house. So much for the 2035 plan, but at least it was just to get the ISBN numbers. No company business in the ordinary sense, and certainly nothing that involved money! A publishing house in the common sense was still far away in the future. After 2035 still sounded like a good idea, but it might also be a bit earlier... 2027 when I turned 60, and it was time to have fewer work hours on the day job, sounded like an okay time for starting a project like that to pass the time... if I was going to do it at all.

As 2013 progressed I also started a couple of websites about chemistry and programming of websites, and it has since then evolved into a sort of an authorship for me. That wasn't the plan, but then again, neither was the publishing house in 2013 instead of 2035. I also started having adds on the websites in 2015. That wasn't the plan either, but as the Net has evolved, it is a necessity in order to continue being found in searches. I could have paid for adds for the websites instead, but that made even less sense than having the adds.

This brings us to the autumn of 2016. I have a lot of things going on with writing and translating, and I need a publishing company for handling all this. Should I start looking for a publising house? I've seen other people do that. The way the World works today, it would make more sense becoming a self publisher or small press publisher or whatever else people like to call it. It won't be a completely traditional publishing house, as I also have a number of websites with content, which will be a different way of publishing than the traditional books, whether they are paper books, eBooks or audio books.

Life is what happens while you a busy making other plans, and plans for something that MIGHT become a project in 2027 or after 2035, suddenly became something that started in 2017... and you know what? That's really not so bad!

Michael Pilgaard
February 2017